USB Drivers
USB Drivers
Windows XP - 8.0
32-bit 64-bit
Windows 8.1
32-bit 64-bit
Mac OS 10.9 and above *
32-bit 64-bit
Mac OS 10.3 to 10.8
32-bit 64-bit
* Pre-installed in Mac OS 10.9 and later. Verify before installing.
Additional installations may cause re-connection problems.
Free Feature Upgrades
DGA-6000 Firmware  Free Cumulative Upgrade                 Mac     |      PC
FW Upgrade 3
FW G.29/A.27 - Refer to DGA-6000 Manual v1.20 or later

Adds RGB Triplet Test that measures DUT errors for up to 16.8 million triplets (256^3 color gamut) with 12-bit precision in 5 seconds

FW Upgrade 2
FW G.28/A.25 - Refer to DGA-6000 Manual v1.10 or later

For DGA6K Ultra & Ultra Plus - unifies common feature set
First version compatible with Free DGA-6000 Desktop app
Adds new HLG HDR standard - (Hybrid Log-Gamma)
Adds 13 Color Pixel Multi-burst Patterns
Adds Gray2Color & Channels features to 4K 24/25/30p
Adds new USB User values input mode for SW compatibility
Improves USB performance, HDR & Rec 2020 switching
FW Upgrade 1
Adds USB commands to read analyzer cursor pixel values, signal format, type, & bit-depth
Adds USB command for Rec 709 HDR metadata
Adds Rec 2020 RGB signals
Improves monitor compatibility notifications
Refer to DGA-6000 Manual v0.997 or higher
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